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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Parallels to other travel memoirs

Right now I am reading, "Under the Tuscan Sun". It is not too similar to the movie. I am glad for that. When I watched the movie, I was a single woman, going to school in NY state, unfamiliar territory for me. The single woman in the movie was adjusting with a new life in a more exotic, yet still new and frustrating land. I felt this woman and I had a connection.

Now, I am reading the book. I am married, and looking forward to buying an old village house in Serbia with my husband. I have come to find that the book is really about a couple who are living in Italy. They are new to the country and the book records the adventures of buying an old house (named Bramasole), and the work they do on it, as well as relationships that unfold as a result of their living there.

I also find it a bit ironic that our village, Vina is the Italian name for wine, and Bramasole was a vineyard. Maybe I am stretching to find parallels. But, I find the similarities comforting.

Right now I am working hard at the end of a difficult season in our little beach town. I am starting to look forward to returning to Serbia in spite of all the difficulties in store for me there.

I am making lists of ideas and things to do once there, to thwart the homesickness and culture shock that awaits me.
I welcome any suggestions from fellow expats.
Must sleep now.
Good night friends.