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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My thoughts onThe Amish and the Gypsies.

The Amish
While I was back in Pennsylvania, I saw many horse and buggies traversing the town. I think once I caught a glimpse something a bit naughty. The horse drawn carriage was rolling down main street. no doors on either side. This is a bit shocking as these peoples are the most conservative group of Christians. None the less they are human.

The Amish are a self-imposed segregated society . Amish groups have kept themselves and their families separate since coming to America for religious freedom 200 hundred years ago from Germany, France, and Switzerland.. They are known for their superior work ethic, raising a barn in one day!, great food, their own language, and a serious resistance to modernity. The youth of this group are pushing the limits of this anti electic, anti motor vehicle ideas. I have seen some tricked out wagons with lots of lights appearing to be competing with cars you might see on "The Fast and the Furious".

Normally they do not: go to school past 8th grade.
join the army
pay taxes


In Serbia and much of Europe, only gypsies have horse and carriages. They are set apart from the rest of the population in a completely different way. The original country of most Gypsies in Europe is India.
The name Gypsies comes from their mistaken land of origin. They were thought to have come from Egypt.
This people group is set divided by their skin color and prejudice. They are thought to be lazy sheisters, who are not to be trusted and they are widely discriminated against. They find life harder than most.
I am not proud to say that I have watched from my balcony as a Gypsy mother scrounged through a dumpster while her children played beside her. This is the life they lead.
Most do not finish school, which further limits their capabilities. It makes me sad when I see how much people hate them.

Unlike the Amish, they adopt the culture, language, religion. They have no aversion to technology though they are not always capable of purchasing it.

For the record. Gypsies are not as lazy as they are made out to be. Like others who live in Serbia, some are able to leave their chosen homes to work abroad. They bring back the money made and make a better life, build homes, and invest in their families.

To say that most Europeans dislike Gypsies is to be modest. They are usually detested.
Often they are hired for summer labor. In many cases they are like our migrant workers.

As an American, I cannot see them through the same eyes. Honestly, I have no desire to look at them in the same light. We had some hard working Gypsies come help us in our sour cherry fields in Serbia. On a twisted parallel it seems... As a child, on our farm in PA, we had our Amish neighbors come join our family picking our singular massive cherry tree that towered over our front yard. there would be at least 5 large ladders leaning against various branches.

I would much prefer to think of the Gypsies as neighbors in my other country.
That is all. I welcome your comments. Please send me your experience and opinions. But be nice!

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Abby said...

Wow T, this is a very insightful blog, and I really enjoyed reading it!