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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hello friends,

 For my non-Serbian friends, promaja is a draft, air flowing from one place to another. 

I have a questions for my Serbian friends concerning promaja....
is it a breaze only from the out doors that flow through the house of is it also the same if you have a fan pulling air from one room to another?

We have been using a fan to bring the AC air from the living room into our bedroom all summer long, and now the night air is more friendly. We have started opening the windows to allow the cool natural air in and save on the electric. I proposed to my Serbian muz that we should also use the fan, to aid in circulation and and started flipping out about promaja... something he said he didn't believe in just a month or so ago. but now that the air cooling is coming from out side again... ( mind you, we have been using this method of cooling in the fall and the spring for years. ) What I want to know, is why does it matter if the air comes from out side or the AC unit? The air is cooled either way.

For my non-serb friends:
A fellow blogger has a list of these typical Serbian wives tails.... find them here in his blog They call it promaja . He is a funny blogger, also married to a Serb.  :)

I love my Serb. and the cultural differences just spice things up! ;)


Jen and Steven said...

Wow, I had never heard of this! My ceiling fan is going 24 hours a day, plus another fan downstairs, and if it's cool outside all the windows in the house are open. I wonder why AC air is acceptable but outside air is not? Fascinating!

malarija said...

I though promaja is when you have two windows (or other "sources of air") on the opposite sides, right across from each other. I know some people think promaja would kill them if they sit in front of the AC or fan, but we don't believe in promaja in my house... I don't know why, but we make promaja all the time and we're still alive and still Serbian :D

Lafemmet said...

Thanks Malarija, You are right, it is more like having 2 windows open. I just think it is funny that moj muz is not opposed to the 2 windows being open, just the 2 plus a fan. :/ I can never tell what will set him off. Thanks for the comment!