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Friday, May 27, 2011

A Delmarvalous day!

This morning I slept in till 8 AM! This was glorious after my 4:25 AM alarm yesterday. I leisurely drank my coffee, mulled over and blogged about my Einstein/Telsa  thoughts and then decided to take a bike ride.

I soon came across a Canadian Geese family making a trip to a nearby water hole. they walked single file, headed up by one adult with about 5 fuzzy goslings and trailed by the second adult. Nice family outing.  none of the pics I snapped came out clearly, as the parents were heading their babies away from the scary human as quickly as possible.

As I got closer to the water, some of the roads were littered with bits of shells and larger shell remnants. The water birds take advantage of the hard surface when they find creatures that need a little more than a beak to procure.

I got a few pics of the commercial fishing boats  docked about a mile from my home.

As I pedalled around, I recalled a similar view in Stavros, Greece.  Water men with their boats, just with a different flavor.
My wondering finally took me to a place where I could see the break in the barrier island that once was all of Ocean City, but now is Ocean City to the left, and Assateague Island to the right. Too bad I didn't have a telephoto lens, because there were horses on the beach just visible with the naked eye.
Home again to post the proof of my travels. Thanks to the kindly lady who let me take pics from her backyard dock!

Einstein or Tesla

If you grow up in the United States when you think of someone smart, you may think of that person as an "Einstein".

If you grew up in Serbia or any part of former Yugoslavia, I am guessing, you will associate the same type of person with Nikola Tesla.

The same is true if you are talking about someone who is sub par in the intelligence department... My husband and I were having a little a good time teasing each other this evening about our strengths and weakness in the mental arena. I called him an "Einstein".  He called me "Tesla". This is the cross cultural education that I enjoy.

Since marrying my Milan, I have learned a lot about Tesla, and would not have thought much of his mention in "the Bucket list", of seeing a show about him on the History channel.

Tesla should be as famous as Einstein, but his earliest and most well known discoveries have long been attributed to Thomas Edison, his not so scrupulous employer. If you don't believe me, wiki it!

Needless to say, Tesla's works have not been forgotten by his native people. His most famous picture graces the one hundred dinar bill.

 Clicking below on either of the names will take you to the Wikipedia site for each if you are interested.

Notably, neither were born in the US, but their genius' were able to bloom here. Both were remarkable men who did much for this country and science.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bridges of Maryland

I went home last week to Pennsylvania. I am always happy to see the many bridges and old farms along the way that stretch over so much land. Living part time in Serbia make me appreciate all the  big and little things about my homeland.
I always enjoy the ride and the view along the way. Travel is my drug of choice.
There are many cool bridges between my home in Maryland and my childhood home in Pennsylvania, and I love how they look straddling land or water. This golden bridge stretches across Rt. 70 somewhere in the Appalachian mountains in north western Maryland.

The longest bridge I cross on my trip is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.
There are actually 2 bridges, one is for eastbound traffic and the other for those headed west. Before 1952, a ferry was needed to get from one side to the other.

The cost to cross this 4.3 miles or 6.9 km bridge is $2.50 to cross the east bound bridge, but going west is no charge. This is a bargain when comparing the rates to those in NY. So many bridges there and so Many Tolls!

Last June, while crossing, I got to see a cruise ship passing beneath on it's way from Baltimore. I bet the view from the ship was even more amazing.
My favorite picture of this was taken in the fog.
I think the fog distorts the lines of the bridge making it look a little wavy.
Don't forget to enjoythe view where ever you are in the world. 
Have a great day folks.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A new Toy!

I got a "NEW" bike! I am so excited. Some friends of mind gave it to me, when I told them I was about to go buy one. Apparently a friend of theirs had left it at there house 7 years prior and I am the new owner!! I must pinch myself.
I had the most glorious ride today into Ocean City.

I went to the bank, looked out at the ocean as I rode along the boardwalk, and enjoyed the chilly May ocean breezes.

The sky is spotted with just a few clouds here and there and the water, both the ocean and the bay were a magnificent blue. Heaven for my day off.
I've come home to write, and have my adorable new kitten cuddled up next to me as I type. This is a wonderful day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

International Cat Collector

I am developing a cat collecting habit.

Two days ago I was at Walmart and heard a kitten meowing. There was a kitten hiding under a truck. I believe she had been dropped off. She is super friendly, but a little skiddish.

As people walked to thier cars I asked if the cat belonged to any of them, hoping she had just gotten out of a car window somehow. But no one claimed her. I went in did my shopping and came back out. When I went to my car, she came right to me. I took her home and began search for a good home for her.

That was all two days ago now. And my search for a home, including a facebook plea with pictures has not been answered. We may have ourselves a kitten.
Now for a name....
Kiger,  a mixture of Calico and Tiger, is in the running.  It is also my first nephews childhood name for lions. A funny memory.

As we told my father in law this story over skype, I felt the need to tell him it is not normal to see stray animals walking around like you do in Serbia. Most animals here have homes, unlike their many international counterparts. Strays are the exception, not the norm.

This situation made me compare my two homes again mentally.  Attitudes toward pets are a bit different internationally. They are both loved immeasurably. The name for pets in Serbian is Lubimats, which is a form of the word love that means pet. (Serbs, please for give the spelling. I only write it the way it sounds so that English speakers will know how it is pronounced.)

A contrast, at least in my part of Serbia is the lack of spaying an neutering. When I told my husband and his friends that I wanted to neuter my Tomo, our Serbian cat. Male pitty for the cats lack of a sex life came at me from all directions. The thought of so many more kittens running the street was not a concern.

And at one time, all animals were wild and had to fend for themselves. Having a home with a loving family was not even possible. Domestication of animals has happened over time and become the norm.

The even greater difference is the Socio-Ecconomic standards of living internationally. If one is worrying about the cost of bread rising from 30 Dinars to 80 dinars, chances are, an animals reproductive capabilities are pretty low on the list of considerations in life.

My Cross-cultural education continues. May I be quick to learn, eager to understand, and slow to judge. There are always reasons for the way we think. Sometimes it takes some time to figure out the reasons.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

M R Ducks

While in Serbia, I made a promise to myself to enjoy my own home rather than working so hard that I didn't get to see my friends, family, or enjoy the beauty surrounding me. I am making good on that promise.
Last night I went out to one of the best little dockside bars in town with friends from work. M.R. Ducks is a long time favorite, People come town once a year to get one of their yearly T-shirts. There is a funny little saying on some of them. consisting of  mostly letters. When read word for word and then letter for letter it sounds like redneck slang.
M R ducks
M R not
O S A R  C D E D B D I's?
L I B 
M R ducks. 

The place was hopping last night, there was a good band, it was the first spring bike week in OC, and it was Saturday night! 
There is one more thing I want to add about this place... Duck shots! They are known for the most unusual drink... the Chug a duck. It is a decoy duck turned up side down, and filled with beer. You then drink the beer from the bill of the duck.
What a hoot!

Enjoying being at home, and seeing friends before work has me so exhausted that I can't enjoy more than my bed. Ready or not, here comes summer!