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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Belgrade or Beograd Part 2 of my Christmas story....

My holiday season this year has seemed very long, and in truth it is not yet over. Serbian New Years on February 13. We have just had a delightful Orthodox Christmas, and I feel the joy of the season!

First a plug for our great Apt in Novi Sad. I wrote about in part 1, but would like to give them further recognition. Prenociste-Novi Sad, http://www.prenociste-novisad.com/ . We stayed their last time we went to tour the beautiful city. And we were not disappointed. This time we got a discount for our return trip two years later. Prenociste has even added a room to play Billiards, with tables and a bar for you to bring your own snacks and drinks and just relax and enjoy!
There is private parking that make you feel safe and sound while away from home.
The prices for this place are more than reasonable, and they have really inexpensive rooms with with just a bed and bath. If you are in the area in need of a bed check it out!
Apartments Stojic 
Partisan 47
21 000 Novi Sad
The Joy began in Novi Sad, and continued on in Beograd. When we arrived in BG we went straight to Milan's childhood chum's home. We had a wonderful time getting reacquainted over coffee, beer, wine and delightful tea sandwiches! The hospitality here in Serbia never ceases to amaze!

As always when Milan is having a good old chat with friends, I try for a while to understand and then tire of the strain and look about the room. On my visual adventure I spotted the Gossip Mag "Hello", and found that Tejlor Svift, (Taylor Swift) graced the cover. Wish I could have read the article that included huge photographs of her. I took a pic just to show the folks at home who might find it even slightly amusing.

While in BG we stayed in an Apt that a friend had rented and was ending the lease on at the end of the month. It was warm, comfortable and perfect! Just Milan and I anywhere would have been perfect. But I am so grateful that we got to stay there. The super bonus to this place was the location. In the morning we were meant to go find Milan's cousin in this great city. When Milan and she talked we found she was just across the street a little ways.

One thing I did find curious about our free diggs was the lock on the door. It was severe in the extreme. I think it was a remnant BG in a less secure time.

After the short walk over to the cousin's and a wonderful lunch I had a marvelous time playing with her new baby and she and Milan got to catch up. I honestly couldn't imagine holidays away from home being any better.

Feeding small children in Serbia is not the same as we all assume it is all over the world. Here, highchairs are not the rule they are exceptional. They are a luxury item,  I have only seen one here in someones home. baby swings are also not normal. I haven't seen one yet in a home. They are in Store in BG but not in our little town and both are dreadfully expensive.

BG was a snowy wonderland the entire few days we were there. It only made our time there more enchanted.
Much to Milan's dismay I wanted to go to McDonald's not because I love the food, but because it is just a taste of home. I wanted nuggets and fries. I got in trouble again with the establishment for taking pictures. Why don't the BG McDonald's want you to take pics??? I find this very odd!
Here is a contraband pic of the luscious dessert section? it is probably good we don't have this in the US!

It seems forever since we went to Novi Sad, and BG for my Christmas, December 25, but it was only 2 weeks ago. Looking forward to ending the season and the coming of SPRING, bring on the Green!

Part 3 coming soon!
Thanks for reading!! Happy January from Serbia.

Here is a picture of BG at night from the fort Kalmegdon. I think that is the Dunav or Danube river, but it may be the Sava. They join close to the fort.

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