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Friday, February 4, 2011

Pictures from Novi Sad

I spent a week in Novi Sad with a friend and made a new one. I am working on a lengthy blog about the trip, but want to share a few pics and a bit of mirth before bombarding you with the extensive black and white script.
This is, without a doubt, my favorite place in Serbia. If it is not for the glorious architecture, then for the company of such warm expat friends.
The trees around the statue were placed earlier that day. Theses manicured trees are like a stunning necklace on a beauty queen. The warm colors may lead you to believe the evening's weather was comfortable. But that is a lie, it was freezing even with a warm coat, scarf, gloves, and hat.
There are so many delectable nooks and crannies for one to lay eyes on. Without a doubt, I was filled with joy at the sights of this well preserved antique of a town.
I will relay the most humorous part of my trip, though, the comedy may be diminished by translation... or not.
The Serbian language is learned in Cyrillic first and second in the Latin letters which you are reading now.  The Cyrillic of Serbia is similar to that of Russia if that helps your imagination. The letter F is  the letter in concern in this story. The Cyrillic equivalent is a circle with a vertical line through the center. The two letters are not mixed in words. As a rule, it is one or the other. The exception is the cause of my embarrassing mistake.

I had gone shopping to find souvenirs of my trip and had a great time talking with with the proprietors of the shop. I made a purchase and went on to a cafe just beside. Soon after the couple I had just spoke with came in and we had a jolly continuation of the conversation.

The trouble arose when the kind man of the couple explained to me how the cafe got it's name. and I said the name... as I read if it were written in all Latin letters. Pickic,  most unwittingly I was saying out loud in a cafe with other people all around... the bad word for a ladies private parts. He tried to politely fix my mistake and I said it again. Until he replied, "Stop saying that", still kindly, I had no idea what I had said. Then in a flash, my memory flicked the light bulb "on" above my head.  I was enlightenment and embarrassment.  I laughed at the ghastly mistake.
I had been saying a very naughty word.
Everyone present was congenial, and I am sure they were holding back laughs at the silly foreigner. I went back a few days later to the shop and the mistress of the place was still tickled by the innocent transgression.  Thank God, this culture is forgiving!

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Anonymous said...

you should visit subotica and palic as well and zlatibor and kopaonik..and than whan spring comes go to the adriatic coast you gonna love it..and stop by to visit trebinje my home town..:-)