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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The 100 step village

SO, I was on the top of a very tall hill, and I found fossilized coral. Milan and I walked to the bottom of the hill and at the edge of the stream we were about to cross, when we found a stone with a shell fossil in it. He says this is not uncommon here. I am like a kid in a candy store. Sometimes I feel I should be on a treasure hunt all the time.

This trek up the small mountain was just beyond the 100 step village.  It was a typical old village, quiet and quaint. A Rakija still was in service, and 2 men catered to the “happy” machine. We parked the car in front of their modest, but nice, town building. A passing Baba tells us our car will safe there. This was the start our little adventure.  It is small but full of character and friendly people. We also met a nice couple of goats too. :)

 Stogazovac is the one hundred step village.  Just past that beautiful little cluster of homes, is a 14th Century church. On the way to the church you bypass paved roads and walk along with towering rocks to your right and a steep ravine to your left. At the bottom there is a creek trickling along. A ways up the creek is damned up to create a wonderful little swimming hole. There is such a difference in temperature as you descend to the the waters edge. This little bit of water has carved a deep crevice in so much stone.

The mountainous rocks tower over the road like sky scrapers. At some points there is a partial tunnel carved in the rock to create the path to the old church.

We stopped a ways down because we though we had lost our way, and decided stop for a picnic. We sat at the roads edge, which had made way to a pastoral land was now mostly flat. Initially, we sat smack dab on on the top of an ant hill. We moved quickly. When we had finished our fresh baked bread with fresh, soft farm cheese baked inside of this yummy bread, we saw behind us the church had been hidden by the  natural skyscraper. It was nestled in just behind it.
The view back from our picnic sight.
It only took us a few minutes to find the path to the plank bridge that crossed the brook. We walked up the very  steep hill to the top, and then rested to catch our breaths.

The Church had a fresh coat of paint and a new roof, but it was ancient. The walls were nearly 3 feet think. I can easily understand how people could find peace and worship inside or out. God had created a beautiful place. And man had made good use of it. It is awesome there.

I was glad it was a Sunday when we came here. I wish we could come here every Sunday. But soon the snow will cover the ground and getting up the hill will be impossible.
After we explored inside the church and out we made our way back down the hill to go back home. When we were about to pass through a place in the road, flanked by two massive rocks, a billy goat came through like gang busters, and stopped when he saw us, sizing us up.  He retreated when Milan took a step forward. Probably smart. If I were a betting woman, I would put my money on Milan. He has been know to head but bigger animals and knock them down.

This billy goat and his agile friend proceeded to climb the rock as we passed by and were greeted by two village children. They said "Dobar Dan" or good day to each of us, and then keep looking back as they  were probably shocked to because they had heard me speaking in English.

The walk back to the car was fun, I stopped to take a pic of a couple of gents making the countries favorite liquor, Rakija. (This is pronounced rak-key-a.) One of the men said to me, "Odakle ste?" (Where are you from?) I sad America, its fun to see the reaction on some people's faces.

This was a magical day, I can't tell you how much fun we had.
Today we are planning to cut and store the wood I wrote about in the last chronicle. It will be a fun day with the family, ending in some really Yummy Food! I know, I helped to make it yesterday.

I am really enjoying myself. And hoping for many more fun adventures to share with you. Thank you for reading, and commenting! I love hearing from you.
Ciao for now.


Abby said...

What an amazing story! I love where this little church is located! And I love hearing about the interactions you have with people :)

Sheila Lamb said...

Love the pic of the church in front of the cathedral stone - looks a little like Zion National park in Utah!