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Friday, December 17, 2010

Snowy Knjazevac, Restaurants and Friends

Snow Angel and then snow removal equipment. no, I am not kidding.
Beautiful Husky at  home in the snow
Timok River  running through beautiful Knjazevac
I am loving the first snow here in Knjazevac. I took a walk this morning and the snow was coming down so hard that most of the pictures looked blurry.

 I am not sure how well you can see it in this photograph, but there is a snow covered spider web. Snow covers everything. As this is still much more of a walking culture, people carry umbrellas so that the snow does cover their clothes, melt, and chill them to the bone.

I saw lots more big stray dogs than normal. Usually we only see small to medium size dogs. The snow is driving them out.  Food is harder to scrounge for in the snow, and I am glad our kitten Tomo is not out on the streets anymore or he might have been on the menu.

Milan and I had an impromptu dinner The other night at a typical Serbian Restaurant. The restaurant  was in the basement as many of the restaurants are, it is complimented with original antique style arches you see in classic Italian restaurants. Not much differes from there, but the food. There is much of the same look, and feel. The service was spectacular and the food was amazing and CHEAP.
There is a new law here to prohibit smoking, I was thrilled to hear about it, and then realized there was a huge hitch. You can pay a little extra to make your place smoking. Most places pay this fee as most Serbians smoke. But on all the restrooms there seems to be a no smoking signs. Does this seem odd to anyone else?

Last night I went out with friends to enjoys a band that plays every Thursday at a local kafana, called Pivnitsa. Tamburitse music is Serbian, but reminds me of Italian, and Greek music. There was a guitar, a bass, something that looked like an oud, and of course an accordian. I don't think you can have Serbian music with out an accordian. Seriously!

It was a wonderful time with great company, but I think I got cancer from all the side smoke. I had to wash all my clothes and my hair when I got home. I forgot how lovely it is that the US is non-smoking primarily.

All in all I am having a good time this winter. I love seeing my old friends, making new ones and learning more, but I still slacking on my Serbian. There is just so much to do and I am really enjoying writing.

I am gearing up to make Christmas cookies, if you want to share any easy recipes with me I would love them. I didn't bring recipes with me, but I do have the internet. :)

Today I had coffee again with the lady from Zimbawe. She is so gorgeous. We had a lovely time. She is so nice, I hope I will see her again soon. We have much more in common than I previously thought.

Sending love from Serbia! Enjoy your Christmas season, don't stress, just enjoy the decor and spread the spirit!


Abby said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I love snow covered towns/villages!! So amazing :) Hoping you get your white Christmas, and I am so glad to hear your new friend and you have more in common than you originally thought :) so cool!

As a side note, I LOVE the little figures on the bathroom door! So funny :)

Mitra said...


I love your blog and your perspective on Serbia. My boyfriend is a foreigner and we live in Belgrade now and I have to say that it is quite interesting experience to see this country from a bit different point of view. Also I understand how difficult it must be for you to be in a country where very little is familiar to you, language especially. My bf finds it quite challenging.
I wish you a happy new year and drop a line if you are coming to Belgrade anytime



Lafemmet said...

Hey Abby and Ljiljana (Mitra), Thanks for the comments. Ljiljana, if you get this I would love to meet up with you in BG. We are going back in Feb. We just left there today. Where is your BF from? SO many questions I have to ask! :) Email me at Lafemmet@yahoo.com. I would have emailed you, but I couldn't find your email or link.
Happy New Year!