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Friday, June 25, 2010

Bulgarian (orange coat) Chronicle

January 2009
I haven't worn the orange coat lately. I am trying not to draw so much attention to myself here in Serbia. My American tongue draws enough attention, Trust me!
I though about taking my orange coat to Bulgaria and then thought better of it. It didn't matter, I had one of those experiences.... We (my all girl crew of Marie-Noelle, Jenia, and my new slumber party pal, Nicole) were staying at a nice hotel in Sofia. Our Hotel had a comfortable mix of international people, I especially enjoyed hearing the Americans talk. They were very friendly, Of course they were mostly male construction workers stuck there to wait out the snow that was fresh on the ground, bored out of their minds and probably as homesick as me. I am sure they enjoyed having other Americans around and being female may have been a plus. Who can say....

In our Hotel there were also some 3 Italian men. They were not the kind that make for nice dreams, They were actually rather unattractive, with the manners of the manners of the typical Italian.(Overly Flirtatious to a fault) There were two tall ones and one short one, just taller than me.

I happened to get stuck in an elevator with them.The elevators at this hotel, I must tell you were excessively small. The capacity on the door said limit 5. But I am not sure how one could fit 5 people in these elevators. As it was, there were 3 of us when I stepped on and it was comfortable. Then one more Italian hopped on. It was cramped. The last one on introduced himself giving me his hand to shake and telling me he name which I am sure was something like Fabio. I have forgotten. Then they all began to talk to me. Fortunately we were only going to the fourth floor so it was a quick ride. I gave them my name speaking only in Serbian, The little one understood and spoke to me in the same tongue.

They asked if I was Serbian and I told them I was American, MARRIED to a Serb. The little guy said he was from Youngstown, Ohio. I assured him I knew he was not. and fortunately we got to my floor. I hurried off the elevator forgetting to say goodbye, and the little guy sorta still questioning me still, said goodbye. I quickly walked the short maybe 6 steps to my door and went in to tell the girls about my experience. Then there was a knock at the door. I wouldn't answer it. We looked out the peep hole and of course it was them. standing against the wall across from the door to the right almost out of sight of the peephole.

Marie-Noelle Took care of it and they went away. They were a bit more of any annoyance for the remainder of our stay, and needless to say I avoided them like the plague, even to the point of having to leave a cafe to avoid any further contact.

It was more than lightly amusing.
I think the funniest part was when Nicole and I were coming off the elevator on our floor a day later and saw that there door was wide open almost directly across from the elevator. Nicole and I ran out of the telephone booth sized contraption and ran toward our door. As we were running, I pushed Nicole into the door next to ours. (Sorry again Nicole!) trying to get the key into the door. It was like being at summer camp again. Nicole and I were giggling like little girls. That was pretty much the end of it. Marie-Noelle was the camp counselor and put an end to any further problems the Italians tried to make. They left the same time as Marie-Noelle and Nicole around 4 AM on Monday morning. We saw there car leave the hotel and then again for the last time as our cab pulled up to the incredibly small Sofia Airport. Bon Voyage!
WOW, am I really 36. I still feel like I am 15.

That is the end my little story. Hope it made you laugh, and I wish you all some funny Orange coat type experiences. And when you have them, write me I would love to hear about them!
The beginning of the Orange coat escapades!
My Bulgarian Crew + 1

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