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Friday, June 25, 2010

I dreamt of Earl Grey Tea

Note to readers,
This was written in November of 2008.
I am posting all my notes from Serbia. I will be writing new ones as I benefit from it more than anyone else.

I dreamt of Earl Gray Tea

No seriously I did! I dreamt of Earl Gray Tea last night. I can't find it anywhere here. The teas available are mostly herbal. No one drinks English teas or the most common American strain, (No Pun Intended), Orange Pekoe.

The things I miss are simple things like filter coffee, light switches inside the room, answering the telephone and knowing the person will understand me and vice verse, watching current television shows, American football without the play by play being dubbed in Italian, clothes dryers, and dishwashers. Seriously I could go on for a long time, but...

Friends are what I miss most. It is really difficult to make friends when no one speaks your language. Milan is tired of hearing me talk about how I wish this or that, I finally had to tell him, He is the only one I can really talk to. First there is the language barrier and then, I don't really know anyone else. I am grateful for Milan's sister Milica, but she is in School in Nis 30 min away. She comes home every other weekend. Then there is his cousin, Danica. Her English is Excellent. I love talking to her, but we aren't that close... yet.

I am getting closer to my Serbian Teacher, Mirijana. She is married to Milan's friend Sveta. They are a lovely couple. Mirijana is from the west so she understands my homesickness. Things are really different here in Knjazevaz from here home too. So we can commiserate. Last time I went to visit her she said she felt like she was in Africa, I laughed till tears were ruining my mascara. I had just said the same thing to Milan the day before!

It is gray, dreary, and cold here, it hasn't rained since I arrived exactly one month ago. The skies have been cloudy more often than not. Like the sky is constipated. I think it's that time of year, but I could use a good rain. Psychologically it would match my state of mind. Then maybe things could clear up a bit. I just heard it is spose to snow or sleet on Friday. I hope it snows!

We have been keeping busy; it seems there is always some Slava dinner to go to. (Slava is a dinner to recognize a patron saint of a family)I don't think there is an ending to the amount of saints in this country. There may be as many gods in India. Seriously, I have been here for one month exactly and I have already been to 3 slavas, and I'm going to another one this Friday!There are typically 6 courses, so you can't fill up too quickly.

We have been taking many little excursions. On Friday, we went to a mountain called, Babin Zub, which literally means, "grandmother's tooth". It was lovely up there, but again overcast. A large cloud hovered over nearby mountains. A lovely wolf-dog followed us around the hike on the mountain. He was super friendly, and beautiful.

I have made several apple pies that have been very well received. I will probably be teaching a few friends here how to make them soon. Yesterday I made Pancakes from a recipe I found online. They were O.K. Milan really liked them but I was not so happy with them. I will try another recipe soon. Any suggestions??

Last week I made a Pot roast for Mama and Papa. They both said they liked it but Papa kept saying it would be better if it were pork, which is the main meat here. Mama said it was good and that she really liked it, but... Two days latter when I forgot to bring the apple pie to her house for dinner she ran back to our house to get the pie for me. When Milan and I returned home we found his mom had eaten the rest of the pot roast all but the Beef!!! LOL NO wonder she had no room for the dinner she had prepared for us!

Hope this finds you all well and preparing for the Holidays. I think Milan and I will be having friends and family over to our flat for a Semi-traditional thanksgiving dinner. I will let you all know how that turns out!

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