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Friday, October 1, 2010

The count down

In one month and 3 days I am leaving for my other home. Now is crunch time to fit in all the last minute preparations for the winter.

At the library, in the grocery store, in our homes, etc. there is plenty. So different from where I am headed.

I am at the library stocking up on music and books uploaded to my computer for the feast of time and famine of English products available to me in Srbija.
Here we take for granted the myriad of things available to us for FREE!

Like others who straddling themselves over continents, cultures, and languages I am trying to discern what best to take, leave, buy, do and how to be wise about it all. There is so little space in the luggage, and weight restrictions that limit how densely they are packed. 

This time is bittersweet.


Lana said...

Thanks for your comment! In fact, it's crunch time for me as well. Less than two months left in Beograd. Will be sad to leave the Balkans. Feels like a second home now :)

Anonymous said...

Do they have libraries in Serbia? And do they have any selection of books in English? I might be moving to Serbia for the summer, and I'd hate to have to lug a bunch of books there.

Lafemmet said...

Yes, they do have libraries in Serbia. I live in a very small town. There was one English book in my library. I think it may be better in big cities, but I reccomend getting a kindle. Amazon's Kindle is the only Ereader that you can download books to internationally. I got mine a few weeks ago. It is awesome. I have over a 100 books on it for the winter.