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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rainy Birthday

For the past 3 days or so it has been rainy, I am really enjoying it. We have had a lot of sun, for a glorious Indian summer. But now we really need the rain. It has been really nice to listen to it pattering on the roof, and feeling the heat of the days dwindle down. Now the temperature is just right for sitting on the porch with a friends and a nice glass of wine. 
Yesterday, Tuesday, was my birthday. It was wonderful and relaxing. I love birthdays. Not for the presents, but for the chance just to get together with friends and enjoy the company. For lunch, I had sushi with my lovely friend Kim and her 2 beautiful daughters. Late in the afternoon, I came home for a delightful nap, and then spent the entire evening with my brother and sister-in-law and my wonderful husband.

Facebook delivered tons of birthday wishes from friends all over the world, how great it is to be able to keep in touch from such distances! I feel loved.

On Monday the day before, I started working at 5:30 AM and finished after 9 PM at my second job. I had about 45 min break between jobs. It was exhausting, but I know that I am blessed to have a job let alone two. In Serbia, many who are well educated, and eager to work are unable to find anything.

I also know that soon, I will be wishing I could work. Right now I am filling my kindle with books and planning for my days ahead in Srbija. I have lists of ideas to keep me busy. Movies to watch, ideas for gatherings, and story ideas for possible children's books.

Already I have had to adjust our flight back, British air is not flying to Belgrade after Nov. And now a few little pieces have come undone. but nothing worth exhausting myself over.

Only a few more weeks left, so many loose ends to tie up. Many bits and pieces of things flying around in my head. Hopefully it all turns out well. and then of to the land of Burek and Musaka.
Looking forward to seeing my friends and family there, and meeting new cyber buddies.
Hoping you all are having a good day,

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