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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

while she sleeps

While she sleeps I will write.
We have been in Serbia now for five days. We have been to the village. introduced Millie to most to family. Last night we got to see the friends. :)

Saying good bye to loved ones is very sad, but being reunited on another end makes all the goodbyes easier to take. I love these people! The cherry on top of this sundae was seeing Hana and Millie play together and even take each other's toys. When they were introduced to each other, Sweet little Hana stretched her arms out wide and gave Millie a big smile as if they were old friend being united as her mother and I were.

That is how my little clan has been with me. from the beginning, they welcomed me with open arms and took me in as one of the group, as if I had always been here.  I love my friends, and I am incredibly happy to see them all again.

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