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Friday, April 8, 2011

Millie, A great woman

Yesterday I got the call she had succumbed to a number of torments, failing kidneys, pneumonia, heart issues... I knew it was coming and cried myself out of emotion the night before. When I got the call, I was just quiet and mechanical. "What needs to be done now", was my thought. I have momentary lapses here and there. I feel most heartbroken for my Grandfathers loss. They were together for 70 years, day in and out, annoying one another and loving at that same time.

I think of how sweet they were together, a few times I saw him pat her bum, and she in her seventies would be a shy and embarrassed as a school, say to him "Oh John".

Millie Jones was a great role model, and a wonderful Grandmother or Baba. She worked hard for her family making dinners and deserts that always included some peanut butter for her husband John. Her strawberry jam was my favorite. I loved to watch her cut of the strawberries and and boil the ingredients with so much sugar.

I remember one time we were camping and I was swinging on swings after the typical Edinboro camp monsoons. I leaned back to far while gliding upward on the swing only to drag my hair through the mud puddle below. My hair was covered in mud and I was a bit scared to go back to our camper. Grandpa  and Grandma were so careful about keeping everything so neat and clean, and I might make a mess with my mud strewn hair. But when I arrived at the door Grandma just took me to the sink and washed out my hair. I was the only thing that mattered. Not the mess.

I called to try to talk to her just to hear her voice one last time and she had already fallen into the coma. Her last words were to my Grandpa. He told her he loved her, and she said, "I love you too." Then she closed her eyes and went to sleep. She died after 1 AM the next day. I am glad she will no longer suffer, and be hurt by the dementia that had become such a nuisance.

I was blessed to have her for so long. I am her oldest grandchild. I cherish the days I got to spend with her, and so glad I am home to be with family now.


Abby said...

oh...I am crying just reading this. I am so sorry for your loss T, and hope that you are able to get to Florida to be with your family, and so glad you are back in the states to be able to do so! I can't imagine always smiling Uncle John...he has got to be so grieved, so sad. Praying for you and the family!

Cyberkim said...

Very sorry to read of your loss.

"We'll take the stories with us. The memories are dear." Roy Harper

Lafemmet said...

Thank you both. I am just glad I was in the states and able to go to the funeral. She was a wonderful woman.