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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Return to the island

Yesterday was my first trip back to my favorite island, Assateague.
I bought my season pass today. Same price as last year $30 bucks. Not bad, but in comparison to prices in Serbia it is a fortune. Never thought of that until now as I an writing. I always seem to compare here with there. I guess that is inevitable.

I took a long walk on the beach, collected some shells, took some blurry bird and wave pictures with my camera phone, and enjoyed being home.
One thing I miss about Serbia is the lack of ocean. I love me some big water! I was born on lake Erie and used to go there all the time,and now I have the Atlantic.

Along the way I collected some trash,
This year, one of the improvements at Assateague is a large recycling container. I disposed of the refuse I found on the beach in this large container.
I will be making many more pilgrimages to this neighboring island. I am so excited to be able to go back and visit the ponies, the red winged blackbirds, the crabs, and hopefully spot some dolphins in the rolling surf! Volim moj conj ostrovo!
These are some pretty crappy pictures, next time I will take the good camera.

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Jen and Steven said...

Finally catching up on all my tardy blog reading and seeing this post reminded me of when you and I went there on my spring break one year. A long time ago now! Something like 1995 or 96? And I remember driving across that crazy long bridge, too. Going under the water freaked me out a bit but it was awesome. Glad to hear that you're making time to enjoy your "homeland" and truly get to experience the things you love. :)