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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pruning the Cherries

A few weeks ago maybe even a month ago now my family and I went to our village to prune the Cherries.
We tried to get to two of our fields, and they were covered in snow, and melting snow. The melting snow made streams into rivers and puddles the size of Texas. We were defeated and had to turn back and wait to spring to reach the village. As we descended  to our town that sits in a lower elevation we were welcomed with green grass a warmer temps.

The trip back is literally down hill. My husband loves to just put the car in neutral and coast all the way home.

We ventured back to the village a week or so later. This time it was a success.
The pruning was "on"!  We were checking our trees for diseases and trimming the wayward sprouting branches.

This journey was not without it's stops and starts, at first our tractor was giving us fits, and Milan, Cicin and Deda gave it some love a and few new parts and we were on our way.
Once we arrived at our field we unloaded and the fun began. I say that with complete sarcasm. This is hard labor. The ground gives and makes footing unsteady. While reaching for high branches, short little me has a hard time ducking other branches and keeping balance. At the end of these long days of pruning, we were all exhausted. I was happy when the work was finished. But it was not without fun.

The beginning of each day we started out at Baba a Deda's house. I got some time to love on Mikailo the kitty in the picture above.

And once we got onto the fields, it wasn't all about the cherries. Just up the hill from one of our fields there is a pavilion that covers an old Cross. We made a pilgrimage up the hill to see the ancient symbol.
These crosses are found all over Serbia and often have coins placed on them.
Walking down to the field we saw a corn stalk shelter. It was made to create a cool resting place for field workers on hot sunny days. I am always impressed with the ingenuity of the Serbs in creating something splendid out of the ordinary.
Walking further down to the field we found a weed that makes a splendid soup and adds a nice touch to Mama's corn bread. We began to gather as we pruned and soon had a basketful!
The soup was delicious, and so was the bread Mama made.

I also found out that there are yellow and black Lady Bugs! The Muz calls them Kineski buba Mara, or Chinese lady bugs. Cool stuff, huh?

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malarija said...

I love reading your blog! You are showing me a whole new world and look into Serbia, even though I live here, too. Eastern Serbia is so different, in culture, in customs.. everything! Keep going, I am really enjoying your posts :)