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Sunday, April 24, 2011


March 27 was the first Vasar, pronounced vasher of the season in Knjazevac. It was just before I was going home to see my family back in the States, and I was intent on finding cool gifts to take home.
This little guys was cute, but to big to fit in my suit case. 

The Vasher is like a big fair with so many stalls filled with goods for purchase, livestock arrives early and is sold quickly.

Rides are open all day for the children to enjoy.

The Vasher is like Walmart,  an Amish market, and a fair all wrapped up in one. You can find everything there!  and I do mean everything. Just to name a few...live stock, rakija stills, seeds and seedlings, all your farming needs can be met here. Clothes, and food, Serbian souvenirs, linoleum, curtains, and well, I am sure you get the picture. They have everything. The is the place that all the villages are said to meet. And they do. People come from all around to find good deals and a good day of fun.
There is even a makeshift cafana and rostile!

It seems like it is only men sitting around them. Hubby says that while the women are out shopping, the guys sit down and wait for them and enjoy a coffee or a beer.

Some of my favorite finds...
These are nicely decorated hearts that look like cookies, but they are just decorations.
 the 500 Euro belt buckle. Should have gotten one for meself!
And then there is always the Serbian army gear. I got a few hats and gave them to some of the family back home...
I think the hats were a good buy. My Grandpa liked his too. I love it when I find cool gifts. Sometimes it just takes some effort to find them.

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