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Friday, May 27, 2011

A Delmarvalous day!

This morning I slept in till 8 AM! This was glorious after my 4:25 AM alarm yesterday. I leisurely drank my coffee, mulled over and blogged about my Einstein/Telsa  thoughts and then decided to take a bike ride.

I soon came across a Canadian Geese family making a trip to a nearby water hole. they walked single file, headed up by one adult with about 5 fuzzy goslings and trailed by the second adult. Nice family outing.  none of the pics I snapped came out clearly, as the parents were heading their babies away from the scary human as quickly as possible.

As I got closer to the water, some of the roads were littered with bits of shells and larger shell remnants. The water birds take advantage of the hard surface when they find creatures that need a little more than a beak to procure.

I got a few pics of the commercial fishing boats  docked about a mile from my home.

As I pedalled around, I recalled a similar view in Stavros, Greece.  Water men with their boats, just with a different flavor.
My wondering finally took me to a place where I could see the break in the barrier island that once was all of Ocean City, but now is Ocean City to the left, and Assateague Island to the right. Too bad I didn't have a telephoto lens, because there were horses on the beach just visible with the naked eye.
Home again to post the proof of my travels. Thanks to the kindly lady who let me take pics from her backyard dock!

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