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Sunday, May 1, 2011

M R Ducks

While in Serbia, I made a promise to myself to enjoy my own home rather than working so hard that I didn't get to see my friends, family, or enjoy the beauty surrounding me. I am making good on that promise.
Last night I went out to one of the best little dockside bars in town with friends from work. M.R. Ducks is a long time favorite, People come town once a year to get one of their yearly T-shirts. There is a funny little saying on some of them. consisting of  mostly letters. When read word for word and then letter for letter it sounds like redneck slang.
M R ducks
M R not
O S A R  C D E D B D I's?
L I B 
M R ducks. 

The place was hopping last night, there was a good band, it was the first spring bike week in OC, and it was Saturday night! 
There is one more thing I want to add about this place... Duck shots! They are known for the most unusual drink... the Chug a duck. It is a decoy duck turned up side down, and filled with beer. You then drink the beer from the bill of the duck.
What a hoot!

Enjoying being at home, and seeing friends before work has me so exhausted that I can't enjoy more than my bed. Ready or not, here comes summer!

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