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Friday, May 27, 2011

Einstein or Tesla

If you grow up in the United States when you think of someone smart, you may think of that person as an "Einstein".

If you grew up in Serbia or any part of former Yugoslavia, I am guessing, you will associate the same type of person with Nikola Tesla.

The same is true if you are talking about someone who is sub par in the intelligence department... My husband and I were having a little a good time teasing each other this evening about our strengths and weakness in the mental arena. I called him an "Einstein".  He called me "Tesla". This is the cross cultural education that I enjoy.

Since marrying my Milan, I have learned a lot about Tesla, and would not have thought much of his mention in "the Bucket list", of seeing a show about him on the History channel.

Tesla should be as famous as Einstein, but his earliest and most well known discoveries have long been attributed to Thomas Edison, his not so scrupulous employer. If you don't believe me, wiki it!

Needless to say, Tesla's works have not been forgotten by his native people. His most famous picture graces the one hundred dinar bill.

 Clicking below on either of the names will take you to the Wikipedia site for each if you are interested.

Notably, neither were born in the US, but their genius' were able to bloom here. Both were remarkable men who did much for this country and science.

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