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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Musing with Ecclectic Pics

This morning my day began before Six AM. On my way to work, as I crossed the route 50, I spotted the most beautiful, huge red sun hovering over the city. I parked when I got into town to get a picture of the wonder over the ocean. The red sun was gone and what looked like a small white moon was in it's place.

 Slain swordfish
Last night at work, I happened to see the remains of one of the fasted fish in the ocean, the Sword fish.The Sail fish is the fastest. But we don't ever have that on the menu.
Our manager was just finishing and all that was left was the spine, tail, and dorsal fin.
Fresh off the boat, and onto your plate. Bet that fish wished it was a bit faster!

Creature of the "New World"
Our home has had some interesting visitors lately. Our neighbor caught the baby of a raccoon family that managed to make it's way under the house. Not sure if the rest of the family got caught or they escaped during the night. The little one is on it's way to a raccoon rescue home.

This bitty little thing is the size of a kitten, so small that the cat carrier looks like a cathedral ceiling room.

Drumming up some Business
Today one of my co-workers had to don the Cheeseburger outfit. He was a little less than thrilled, it must have been so hot on this super hot and humid day. He still managed to point out a "Bird".

Today is a brand new day, the sun is shining and our day off! Off to the vet to get Kiger spayed, and the rest of the day  is ours.
Have a great one!


Cyberkim said...

Please pass on my sympathy to the poor blighter in the burger costume. You can bet that the bright young thing in the marketing department who came up with this advertising concept, has no idea just how grim it is to wear such an abominable outfit.
If someone asked me to wear it, I think I'd be inclined to tell them to "Burger off".

Lafemmet said...

Thanks, that made me laugh! I am will pass on the message. I am sure he had the same idea. ;)