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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer time :)

The rafts at Seacrets Jamaica U.S.A. are the right place to go to feel like you are on vacation, even if you are just enjoying a day off with visiting friends.
A friend of mine came to visit and we made a trip their straight away to enjoy some frozen drinks while catching up on each other's lives.  And my friend has some really good stories.
We were both cracking up over our adventures, totally thrilled to have some time together, this doesn't happen often enough.

Over dinner that night I told her the "Babino Mali Pace" story story. She just laughed and our Serbian waiter heard us, and said his Baba called him that too. "All the Baba's do" he said.

After our dinner we walked out on the beach and took pictures of the peach colored moon.
I had to balance the camera on my head to get the shot. The waves were quite big and crashing at our feet as we tried to get the night pics of the unusual moon.

The next day we layed on the beach, walked the boardwalk, and played tourist. I get to do it again this week with another friend who is visiting.
Happy first day of Summer!

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