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Friday, August 26, 2011

Should I stay of should I go???

Huricane Irene is on its way. We may be batting down the hatches and sticking it our here, or not.
Should I stay or should I go, if I stay there could be trouble.
This is the calm before the storm, and a beautiful sunset.
As some of you may know, I live in Ocean City, Maryland when we are not in Serbia. Right now a massive hurricane larger than Texas (893 miles wide) is spiraling up the east coast of the United States and pretty everyone is a buzz about it. All the barrier islands are being manditorily evacuated, and now they are saying that West Ocean City, the mainland part of OC will be evacuated in the AM. I have heard rumors power will be turned off. BUT Delmarva power is just saying that there will likely be power outages due to the storm. What to do?

This morning, I stocked up on candles, got batteries, we have battery powered lights and radio, lots of food, perishable and non. Now we wait to see what happens down south in the Carolina's to make a decision.

Originally this storm was well over a hundred miles per hour, now it is looking less menacing. I think the rain will be the biggest factor for flooding.

In my opinion, the only reason for the extreme evacuations is the many mistakes made with Katrina. Time will tell and in the morning we will make our decision... Should we stay or should we go.

The "we" is my muz, a Serbian student in town to work for the summer, the cat, and 3 month preggo me.

Someone said today, that this is a story for the baby book. Maybe. I guess I will have to start one.
But that is for another blog.

 We are prepared either way, we will pack things up and move out to the north west in PA to stay with family. I just hate leaving when I am so tired and  would love to stay at home and just relax.  Not having  to work for 3 days is priceless and would only be ruined by traveling. Where is the rest in that?

But, at the same time, Going home to see the fam would be wonderful. I keep leaning one way then the other.

For now, I will eat the gibanica and green bean casserole I just made and enjoy the night of with the little Serbia I have going on in my house.
Good night all. And to any in the storms path, Be safe.


Lauren@BabyinBulgaria said...

Stay safe and many congrats on your pregnancy!

Meanqueen said...

You can only do what you think is best. I wish you well and lots of good luck.