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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stop and smell the Lotus

This is my favorite flower. The Water Lilly or the Lotus Blossom are iconic and magical.  I love that you can find them all over the world.

I first saw them on my trip to Thailand and Cambodia. I was thrilled, they were every where, even on the menu in restaurants as the fruit of the flower is edible! The flower was everywhere too! in shrines, on coasters, water bottles and just about anywhere you could imagine!

In Asia, it is symbolic of wisdom or enlightenment, and Buddha is often pictured sitting on a Lotus blossom and sometimes crowned with one as well.
this Loutus sitting Buddha is care of: http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gautama_Buddha

I am excited to see them in Serbia when we go back, but as we have always been there in winter.... I have not had the chance as of yet.

These Lotus are in a coy pond behind the city hall building in Ocean City, I happened by it one day and admired the fish.
There are two large ones and a school of smaller ones, watching them is so relaxing. I would love to have a coy pond one day, maybe when we find out house in Serbia, we can build one.... Daydreams!
We have been talking about when we will go back, but sadly it won't be this winter. Maybe the following one. Time will tell, work presses on here and when I have time, I enjoy the the lotus on the coy pond.
Don't forget to stop and savor the beautiful things in life that bring you joy! Travel, See the world! It can make your home that more precious!  and you will see it in a different light!

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Jen and Steven said...

I ALWAYS think of you when I see a water lily/lotus flower. :) If you've looked at my blog lately, the pic at the top is one I took at the Austin Botanical Gardens.