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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Babino patcheh or Grandma's little penis

I have been going to my husbands village for 2 years now. Every time we go, Baba and Deda  greet us at the door. Deda shakes our hands. Baba pulls us in for hugs and lots of kisses that are closer to the neck than the face, so I always get a strange vampirish vibe from them, even though she barely has teeth.

While she is kissing us, she is always muttering sweet nothings of love to us like we are children. It is very sweet and I feel loved. This time while I was there, a cousin translated one of the  things she says to my husband.... Babino Patcheh. (I know I am not spelling it right in Serbian, but I am spelling it right for American pronounciation.)

I knew when she was saying Babino she was calling us her's. It's like saying Grandma's baby or something. What I didn't get was the second part. Patcheh is the word for baby duck and this is slang for penis. All along she has been calling my husband, her little penis. And as odd as it sounds, it is a sweet thing to say. I did laugh my dupe off when I heard this!! (Dupe means butt.)

I will have to listen closer to hear what she is calling me next time. ;)


Kiki said...

Hehehhehe.. You gotta love it! I love how things translate and all the nicknames for everything! :))

Sanja said...

Ok..this is funny I got to admit, but for the record I have never heard that "pace" can be used as a slang for a penis..not ever..Tell Milan I think he totally made this one up...))) To think that sweet old ladies go around calling their beloved grandsons their penises....)))) Hilarious!!!
Have a good night Tina. ttyl

Lafemmet said...

I don't know if it is just in certain areas, but I have heard it called that a few times in the last 4 years. But never knew that was what Baba was calling him. His cousin translated it for me. But If it was Milan,,, I wouldn't have put it past him to make it up. It's like one of the big fat Greek wedding moments! but totally true!

marjan said...

Funny thing is my Grandma was calling me like that as well in the past.

Only olderish people usually do that call you a Бабино паче.