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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Are you Married to a Serbian Expat? or are you the Expat in Serbia?

Hello friends,
I have been increasingly looking for others like me so I feel less alone in this home away from home. Recently, I have had some luck finding quite a few blogs and sites that have been helpful in connecting with others like me.  It is great to find that kind of connection when you are feeling like an alien. Here are two women like me who blog in BG. Sometimes I feel as if they are writing my own thoughts.


The one that makes me laugh the most is by an American man that writes the blog, They call it Promaja. My husband and I have a running debate on the promaja subject*, I am guessing we are not the only ones.  Pleas check out this site, and read the Serbuki entry.


Trek for Truth is a well written blog by a woman who has moved here and is loving life here in Serbia! Bravo to her for diving in head first and getting acclimated quickly.

If you are looking for more possible sites, check out what blogs they are following.
I also found a group on facebook called, married to a Serbian Expat.

Other Sights I recommend:
Expat Women, Expat blogger, Internations, and Expat Focus.

Best of luck finding yourself cross-culturally! Embrace this exotic life and grow with it! Savor the good, and learn from the bad. That is my goal. But, I must admit, it doesn't always work.
All the Best!
* The blog after party....
Promaja is a draft.
Here is Serbia, it is believed that if you have two windows open, that you will have pressure in your home that can create a headache. I thought my muz was joking when I heard this the first time he told me to shut one of the windows so we didn't get a headache. But he wasn't. This belief among many others here in Serbia are always puzzling to me. I tease my husband about them.
I grew up living in an old farm house in rural PA. Open windows all over the house created the draft that cooled us. Our old home had no air conditioning.  The promaja was our air conditioning. I loved it night and day, and still do. But now, I have to wait til the muz is away to enjoy it.


Sheila Lamb said...

Has it stopped snowing yet? (((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

hi, im canadian expat in serbia :)


Anonymous said...

There are LOTS of us here. I'm also Canadian, married to a Serb. Don't have a blog, but I'll be following yours. :-)

Lafemmet said...

Great to hear from you all. Helps me not to feel alone. :) livning in the country is nice, but isolating at times.