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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What trip are we taking again?

The husband/muz and I have been planing to take a trip all winter, but hadn't. When we made plans for a trip to Budapest, I sprained my ankle, ended up in a cast and crutching. Of course, it had to be postponed. When we tried to book it again, it was too late. There we no longer taking reservations for that trip.

We changed gears and looked for other possible trips. There was one for Venice that looked so lovely I was all excited about it in a minute. VENICE!!! Who cares that it is winter, what a romantic city! But of course not enough people were going and it was canceled. Stupid economy!

We set our sights on a future trip to Venice with a backup plan for Vienna if the other didn't work out. We waited til Friday to see which it would be.. Neither! Venice was canceled again, and Vienna was filled.
At this point it is a comedy. maybe we wouldn't go anywhere.

The Muz searched other Serbian tour agencias for possible trips. Hungary was again an option. We called and booked our trip. Milan went to the bank and sent off the payment. Two days later, the agency calls. Only seven people signed up for the trip. Again our trip is canceled.

The lady on the other end of the line and Muz talk for some time, he explains we only have til the end of the month and need to go now. After a long conversations Muz gets off of the phone, breaks the news to me, and then tells me Thesaloniki, Greece is another option for this weekend, and what do I think?

Um, it has been snowing for like a week here, every trip we try to take is canceled and a trip to the coast of  Greece has come up, Game ON! I am in. Seriously, I am not stupid, I think I may have just hit the Jackpot!!

There is one hitch, the bus leaves from BG, and we would wait on the side of the hwy to get on the bus in Nis. To any Serb, this is probably normal. But to a worry wort American like me, this is a bit sketchy. I just hope the bus driver remembers us.

It all worked out in the end, we met the bus about thirty minutes from our home. The bus was filled with  bunch of ladies and two couples. The adventure begins!! Wahoo off to Greece!

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