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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Jugodent is the name of the company that makes the Light above the dentist chair I sat in today.

I love my dentist  here. He is nice, personal and has a great chair-side manner. It doesn't hurt, he has been my husband's dentist since childhood and is friends with the dentist's daughter.

I had a chip in my front tooth and wanted to get the rest checked out. Dr. Smiljanic fixed my chip in no time. After I was finished my husband hopped up on the chair. The good Dr. had a look, pronounced him clean and we we off. Only a thousand Dinars poorer. (That is less than $20 US.) 

That would have been probably $300 worth of dentistry in the US. Great deal!


Cyberkim said...

Is your dentist's name pronounced "Smile-janic"?

That would be perfect. :)

Anonymous said...

Dentists are awesome over here in Serbia, cheap and very good for the most part!!

Lafemmet said...

To Kim, no, It is pronounced a little different, and I just know the j is like a y. But it is a cool coincidence in English. Not the same in Serpski. and To Anonymous, you are right.