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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Svetozarevic House in Zubetinac, Serbia

The Svetozarevic House in Zubetinac, Serbia.
The ultimate place to chill.
I visited my friends resort this past week. It was amazing. I made a video to show off the place. I can not tell you how amazing it was to go there and relax!
Good Morning!

I believe this video is only visible to those of you in the US. I made it, uploaded it to FB and Youtube. Then tried to upload it here, but it was rejected. :(

I will have to add pictures for anyone who might happen upon this outside of the copy write protected US.

I only have one wish that it could have been summer when we visited. Green grass, leaves, and blooming flowers would have only added to the more than pleasant surroundings.
I was so impressed with the degree of relaxation that was achievable in just one afternoon. I can only imagine what a few days of lounging with a glass of wine, hiking to see the sites and ending the evening with a fire in the pit that is soon to come, just below the pavilion.

The house features lodging for up to ten people. The beds are dressed with traditional Serbian bedspreads. The rest of the grounds are chocked full of Serbian antiques. Some of the old pieces are works of art, eye candy.

A mini kitchen, catered meals, a winery, a bar, inside and outside seating, a fire pit coming soon, and so much more! 

Wine and Rakija are made on the premises. And there are two summer kitchens, one devoted to grilling, smoking, drying, or even roasting meat on a spit!

Worries and cares melt away here, really.

Again, please note that when the photos were taken, it was still winterish, the grounds would be even more inviting in spring, summer, and fall shrouded with green leaves and flowers. No matter, the place is a haven of rest no matter what time of year.
The trickling fountain makes its way around the paths. The sound is music to the ears.

Excellent staff!
Svetozarevic House is run by people who care for the land they are living on and strive to make the world better by living as green as possible. The founders of this place have worked and studied globally to make this world a better, cleaner place.
I am proud to say they are my friends.
Please come and visit!


Cyberkim said...

You'll be pleased to know that your video worked perfectly for me, here in England.

It looks absolutely charming.

Tna Empire said...

this looks awesome, i bet they serve great food here!

Lafemmet said...

Thanks! to you both.
Kim, I was going to send a message to friend in the UK and ask if he could see the video. You saved me the trouble. And To TNA, The food is great. It is normally prepared by a Grandma. They are always the best cooks all over the world. :)

Ochs Fan said...

Hey T -

This was a wonderful video! Loved the Svetozarevic House - it's absolutely beautiful. Maybe SOME day I'll get to see it, right? ;)

BTW - I saw the Serbian "good morning" and in Polish it's "dzien dobry" - must be linguistically linked, no?

Great to see you back in the States. :)