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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cats, Dogs, Doors, and Windows of northern Greece

There were massive amounts of strays in Greece.
 There were so many stray dogs that I am sure they have some problems with dog packs. I was surprised to see they were so many big ones. In Serbia, and in my travels in other countries, most of the dogs were shorter in stature.
This mama doggie was going to take her pups out for a walk, but my camera changed her mind.
I think this is called turning tail.
If there is any kind of animal control here, I would be surprised. In this way and in so many others it is just like Serbia. I really couldn't get over how similar these countries were.

I love all the plants on the terraces and windowsills. I love to get ideas for my own home from them. I especially love the shudders. I want shudders!

In many places in Thesaloniki, I got the San Francisco vibe. The steep, windy streets, and rows of colorful town houses really give the feel of that beautiful west coast city.

These buildings are water front. What a great place to live and what a view! I love the water in Greece. 
Even dogs like a stroll down the beach with friends, but this picture doesn't do just to the crystal clear waters. The one below does!

This picture is just a sample of how absolutely stunning, and clear the water is. Oh, how I wish it was swimming weather!

The pictures below are from the town, Ouranoupolis. A beautiful ancient town. Even though it is in the north of Greece on the coast, there are trees baring lemons and oranges in March. Flowers are blooming and there are many more on the way. 

Is it just me, or does this kitty look like it has bushy eyebrows? I think he is Serbian, they are masters of the bushy eyebrows. My husband is proud of his.

It is wonderful that these plants survive to adorn the windows of these homes year round.
More to come on Greece. Have a wonderful day!
and Please don't forget to pray for Japan.

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