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Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am Lesotho

In my foreign land...
 I am always writing in my head, I always seem to lose those pages when I get to the computer.  I have plenty of time to write as I walk along the road or river in my own English speaking world. I am like Lesotho in South Africa.  When I hear Sting singing about being an alien in NY, I totally relate.

I am trying to learn from the place I am living. I do not think less of it because it has not progressed to the place of the US, I admire it for standing up to the Nazi's in WWII and feel sad for the wars it has suffered since and the loss of so much of it's home land.

I ache for the needs of the people and even for the stray animals that walk the streets begging for food, and love. My heart is heavy with these things.

Soon, I will be going back to the "Land of Plenty" where people are complaining of the raising gas prices and the pains they are having with government and the radiation worries coming from Japan. I can only think of how good they have it and they don't even know.

The price of gas all over the world is much higher, and usually the wages are much, MUCH lower. People still make their way through life. A picture of a fat, rich kid who is complaining of how unfair life is, while sitting next to the starving skinny one comes to mind. 

Now, when I see someone there who has little in the States, I have less empathy than before. It is not so hard to make it there and live easily. Just stop comparing your life with the Donald Trumps, and be happy to live in such a free country. Cut down on what you spend, and be happy with what you have. Trust me, you have A LOT!

Jobs are available if you are willing to work. And if you are willing to move you will have a bigger choice. There are jobs and there is Freedom. That is a luxury some can only dream of. My heart is heavy today from watching the suffering of a strong proud people.

I urge my fellow Americans to learn Geography, and History. Travel, and love your neighbors internationally. Enjoy your life! Trust me, it is a good one.

And if you want tips for a more frugal life, Check out my fellow blogger, the Meanqueen. She is full of them. She lives frugally and has a great, happy life. I really admire her.

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