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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Market in Thesaloniki

The market street in central Thesaloniki or Salon was like a Walmart on crack. Seriously! you could probably find anything you want. And much more you don't!

When we first entered the market, we saw this:
Piggies, bunnies, little lambs, and big carnivore. I don't think there was a limit to the kinds of meat products you could buy here. The smells were a big strong, but it was an education to see all these animals hung like this,  like China town with a twist.

The seafood section was just as interesting. I got flashbacks to the the Market in Seattle.  No Kidding!
 I think, at one point I even saw some fish being thrown.
 but mostly, just a bunch of Squidworths on ice. SpongeBob was MIA.

the spice store:

The linen and clothing section:
The Olives!
 Yep, This was one of my highlights! I could taste them all freely to see which ones I wanted. That is my kind of shopping. :)
After we left the market we hit up a cafe.  Coffee and sweets, Life is good.


Meanqueen said...

Hi there, I really must catch up with your blog, it looks so interesting. I have to say though that I couldn't live in some of the places you show us. Dead animals hanging up and stray cats and dogs, would bring me to tears. I am such a big softie where animals are concerned.

Lafemmet said...

I am so happy to hear from you! I love reading your blog, and your love of animals! I am the same. Seeing them on the street breaks my heart. I rescued one kitten this winter. HE fills my life with joy. :)